Ny Intervju Med Vanessa I Det Senaste Numret Av You Magazine

Brittiska You Magazine har en ny intervju med Vanessa och jag tycker den är läsvärd så passa på att läsa den om du har tid. Daily Mail postade även intervjun igår så om du inte vill läsa den genom att klicka på bilderna nedan kan du läsa den via deras hemsida.

Intervjun är antagligen gjord under början av förra hösten, eftersom de skriver att hon precis spelat in “Gimme Shelter” och ska inom kort spela in “The Frozon Ground”. Bilderna är från Lorenzo Agius-fotograferingen från 2009.

vanessa vanessa vanessa vanessa vanessa

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Nedan kan du läsa ett utdrag från intervjun. Jag är väldigt trött nu så du får ha överseende med att jag tyvärr inte hunnit eller orkat översätta intervjun.

/// We’re here to talk about Vanessa’s role in a very different film – the action-adventure movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – but the scary-looking health shake is pretty hard to ignore. She’s downing it in preparation for the role of a 17-year-old prostitute in the Nicolas Cage thriller The Frozen Ground, having just finished work on Gimme Shelter, playing a pregnant, homeless teen. ///

/// Forbes regularly features her on its High Earners Under 30 lists and, at 23, she’s already rumoured to be worth $18 million (around £12 million).  /// (motsvarande ca 128 miljoner svenska kr)

/// When they told me about the cast and about the fact that we’d be filming in Hawaii,’ says Vanessa, ‘it was basically a no-brainer.’ Michael Caine was ‘awesome’ and as well as being taken with his acting skills, ‘I was really impressed that he knew what was hip and trendy,’ adds Vanessa. ‘He was singing Katy Perry’s “Firework” one day and then telling me about an iPad feature I had to get the next. The whole thing was just a great experience – I’d wake up to the sound of the ocean, play on the beach a little and then mosey on down to work. Who wouldn’t say yes to that?’

/// Although Johnson’s biceps tend to steal whatever scene they’re in (‘Dwayne is just a big teddy bear in spite of his muscles’), Vanessa, as Sean’s love interest, provides some much-needed feminine respite from the film’s abundant male charms. Yet she’s no wilting flower. Says director Brad Peyton: ‘She was doing all the stunts, diving into this huge tank we had built for the underwater scenes and doing all the harness work herself. She was no weakling.’ Indeed, Vanessa may possess a delicate prettiness, but her hobbies include activities such as hiking, scuba diving and cliff jumping. ‘I’m an adrenalin junkie,’ she admits. ‘I like stepping into the unknown.’ ///

/// It was, admits Vanessa, ‘a crazy time that just came out of nowhere. One day we were filming in Salt Lake City, Utah and the next, we were flying to Brazil, performing in front of 75,000 people. We were teenagers, going on press tours in our own private jet and I remember Ashley telling me, “I’m going to get one of these and it’s going to have Louis Vuitton seats.” It was crazy, amazing stuff.’ ///

/// And it wasn’t just the young fans who were out of control. ‘Oh, the mums [were] crazy, pushing their children into you,’ she laughs. ‘They’d get really mad and aggressive if you didn’t do what they asked you to, but because it was for their child, it was considered OK. They’ve called me a b**** when I wouldn’t be in a photo with them because I was in a rush, and it’s just something you have to laugh at. But,’ she shrugs, ‘I can’t dish on the mums because they take their children to the cinema!

‘Girls would claw at Zac and, because they were teenagers with a lot of energy, they would chase for a long time. He had some crazy incidents when girls would try to rip his clothes off and he’d leave with claw marks all over him and his clothing in pieces.’ Didn’t Vanessa mind, seeing as she was dating him at the time? ‘Not really,’ she says. ‘They were obsessed with the character and who they wanted to see, so I was like, “Go for it!” I know who he actually is inside.’ ///

/// growing up in Salinas, California. She appeared in her first play aged three, ‘and I basically did community theatre and any kind of plays I could during the summer because I loved performing so much’. Her parents Gregory, an ex-fireman, and Gina, who worked in a series of office jobs, encouraged Vanessa’s acting aspirations: ‘I don’t know how they did it, but they invested in my singing and dancing lessons and supported me all the way. I must have run them into debt. ///

/// ‘I like tall, blue-eyed blondies – you know, the skinny musician type.’ Austin, for the record, is a tall, blue-eyed blond who sings and plays guitar,  ‘but I go for energies and personalities more than looks. It just happens that a lot of the guys I like seem to be blond with blue eyes.’ ///

Du kan läsa hela intervjun antingen på Daily Mails hemsida eller klicka på bilderna ovan.

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