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Twist Magazine har en ny intervju med Lucas och ett utdrag frĂ„n intervjun kan du lĂ€sa nedan. Jag hinner tyvĂ€rr inte översĂ€tta intervjun just nu 🙁

TWIST: Can you tell us about I Kissed a Vampire?
I play Dylan, an unlikely hero who is turning into a vampire. He doesn’t want to because he’s in love with the girl next door. Literally, she’s his neighbor. She doesn’t know that he’s turning into a vampire. Chaos ensues when this other vampire, Trey Sylvania comes into the picture. He really wants me to embrace my vampireness, and I don’t want to. He tries to take over my girlfriend as a ploy to get me to be more like a vampire and take what I want.

TWIST: Can you tell us a little more about Dylan?
He’s kind of awkward, not really confident, and a little shy, but head over heels with this girl. They’ve been friends forever, and he’s really not taking a liking to this ‘turning into a vampire’ thing. He thinks it’s totally overrated and doesn’t see the plus sides of it. He just wants to be normal.

TWIST: What’s the difference between shooting something like I Kissed a Vampire verses shooting a show like Switched at Birth?
Lucas: Completely different. First of all, Vampire was a musical, so I’m not singing and dancing all over the place on Switched at Birth, but also just the scheduling. I shoot five days a week every week, and we’re in the middle of shooting 22 episodes right now of Switched at Birth, so there’s a routine in the schedule. We had kind of a skeleton crew, I guess you’d say, on Vampire, so it was a little bit more longer days and intensity, a lot of people running around, trying to get everything done by the end of the day. Switched at Birth is a little bit more relaxed.

T: Who are your biggest acting and musical inspirations?
Musically, Jeff Buckley has always been a big influence for me. Bob Dylan too, and I also love jazz like Miles Davis and all of that. For acting, it can be a moment in a film that gives me inspiration, or one really cool shot in a movie or one really great performance in one scene. I usually look for that more so than following one person’s career. I’m really excited for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career though. I feel like he’s an amazing up and comer and has the potential to be another Leonardo DiCaprio, which is exciting. I respect that.

TWIST: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?

Lucas: Justin Timberlake! He hasn’t made any music in a long time. He needs to make new music. Actually, I went to a concert last night and saw this girl K.Flay. She’s a local artist here in LA, but she’s just now rising to the surface, and she’s really awesome. She’s like this suburban-looking girl that spits these mad rap rhymes. She does all of her own beats and everything. It’d be really cool to collaborate with someone with a contrasting genre than I normally write, and to do a little mash-up. I talked to her after the show and we talked about working together on something, so that’d be fun.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects that TWIST readers should know about?
Lucas: I have a movie coming out soon, but it hasn’t been announced yet, so I can’t really talk about that yet. But that’s this year! And of course I feel like I need to mention that March 16 is the theatrical release of I Kissed a Vampire, then June 19 is the VOD/DVD release. Keep watching Switched at Birth. We’re going to be going for a few more episodes, then we’re going to take a little break, then come back for 12 more. I also will be releasing some more music this year as well in a much more subdued manner. I’m just going to start putting stuff online for free.

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Jag Àr lite nyfiken pÄ vilken film det Àr han pratar om, men det fÄr sÀkert redan pÄ inom kort.

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