Zac Träffar Roberto Cavalli Och Hans Barnbarn I Monte Carlo


Zac firade USA:s nationaldag i St. Tropez, men därefter åkte han och vännerna däribland “At Any Price“-producenten Mohammed Al Turki vidare till Monte Carlo.

Väl i Monte Carlo besökte vännerna kasinot och där mötte de den italienska modedesignern Roberto Cavalli. Det bästa med det är att Roberto postade ett blogginlägg om mötet med Zac + att han även postade fyra bilder. Det var gulligt att läsa att Robertos ena barnbarn gillar Zac och hon fick fick ta en bild med honom.

Av bilderna att döma och av Robertos berättelse verkar Zac ha det mycket trevligt i Monte Carlo. Förutom, Zac och Roberto, syns även Mohammed Al Turki, Hamza, Justin Nappi, den svenska modellen Alexandra Storm och Sandra J Bergman på bilderna nedan.

Ett par hemsidor skriver nu att det kanske är något på gång mellan Zac och Alexandra mycket pga av bild 5 nedan. Precis som jag skrev på Twitter igår ska man ta alla rykten med en nypa salt tills dess att man hört eller sett något mer som kan bevisa att ryktet är sant.

Having a beautiful dinner with @Alexxandrastorm @Roberto_Cavalli @SandraJbergman @JustinNappi and friends – Mohammed Al Turki

Scrolla ner för att läsa Cavallis blogginlägg. Pga tidsbrist och huvudvärk hinner jag tyvärr inte översätta texten.

Träffar Roberto Cavalli i Monte Carlo

zac zac

Träffar Roberto Cavalli i Monte Carlo (3-4)  | Fanbild från Monaco (5)

zac zac zac

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Blogginlägg från Roberto Cavalli:

112. I Spent a Weekend with Two Children and Four Grandchildren…

Beautiful, beautiful! Relaxed, as relaxed as I would have wished… The destination? Again Monte Carlo, you know I like to play, even if I’m not lucky.

I sent the boat on ahead on Friday. On Saturday afternoon we arrived there by helicopter with Cristiana and her wonderful husband Gabriele, perhaps I have already introduced you to him. THE BLOND! This is how I call him… he is Cristiana’s child, a year and a half old and very fair, “ricciolutissimo” a head full of curls like an angel! Tommaso joined us by car with all his family. Dorothy, his wife and their three daughters, Ester 9 years old… Sara 5… and Anna 2.

Tommaso has as much of a passion for the game as I do and cannot wait to finish his dinner before going to the casino. Waiting for the taxi is exasperating. Monte Carlo is one of the least organized cities! No taxi! From the harbor we walked to the Casino… unspeakable fatigue for a person who hates walking!

The first night my luck turns the right way. While I am playing a guy with a sweet open smile approaches me and shakes my hand complimenting me on my fashion. He introduces me to his friends while Sandra whispers “Roberto, the first person you have just been introduced to is a great young actor, the most popular with boys and girls!” I did not catch his name at first, but no matter, his smile was a business card enough for us to exchange phone numbers!

Only later, Tommaso told me that Ester has a secret crush on ZAC EFRON and that when she finds out that we met him she will be dying to meet him!

We too wanted to see those guys again with whom we had got along so well! I sent a short message to Zac to invite all five to dinner on my boat! We did not had to wait long for an answer. They were happy to come and would arrive by boat at ten!

We said nothing to Ester, we kept her in suspense throughout the day… Perhaps she suspected something… too good to be true!

Roberto and Ester Cavalli with Zac Efron

You cannot imagine her little face when they arrived… she was wide-eyed and full of emotion… in Italy when a young child is losing her teeth we say that “the little-mouse has bitten some of her teeth out”
Little Ester’s mouth was open showing her missing teeth…
My eyes were all for her, I was so happy to give a thrill to my granddaughter… only a grandfather could do it as I did and take as much pleasure from it!

Even I was excited, I must admit, I liked these five guys, sweet and sure of themselves! I remembered when I was their age! That evening, to show that I was one of them, with white hair, I showed off all my ability to conquer… to be “simpatico”…

We ended the evening together at the Casino… one thing united us… we all lost… having fun!

All Zac’s friends were special as was he… Alessandra, a beautiful Swedish girl, a friend to all… who seem to demonstrates a greater focus on Zac. Hamza … Mohammed … Justin … I believe that together they have created a film production company to produce Zac’s movies.

We have already organized a holiday together at the end of July in Saint Tropez!

And you will be with us, of course!


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