Nya Tumblr- Och Instagram-bilder Från Vanessa

Vanessa har uppdaterat sin Tumblr och Instagram med ett par nya bilder och dessa hittar du nu i galleriet.

So grateful for such an amazing birthday party on Saturday. I had the best time!! That glowing cotton candy from Spin-Spun was SO cool. And how insane is that cake from Cake Studio LA?! Also, shout out to Karan Mitchell for super gluing those eye crystals on. They were still on the next morning!

Huge thank you to my friends, family, and incredible fans for all the birthday love. Xo V

Where’s mine? lol 😉 The dream. #goldenglobe #marilynmonroe #legendary #hollywoodforeignpress #latergram – VH

Bilder från Vanessas officiella Tumblr och Instagram

Vanessa  Vanessa  Vanessa

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