Vad Tycker Ashley Tisdale Och Joseph Gordon-Levitt Om “Bad Neighbours”?


Visst är det underbart att se när gamla kollegor och vänner fortfarande stöttat varandra efter snart 10 år?!
I slutet av förra veckan twittrade Ashley om att hon skulle iväg och se “Bad Neighbours” och igår twittrade hon om den och Zac igen 🙂

So excited to see Zac Efron in Neighbors! Meet me at the theatre? #movienight #comedy  – Ashley Tisdale

#NeighborsMovie is a must see! So good! I was laughing my ass off. Very proud of Zac 🙂 – AT

Woah. Neighbors was so good. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, go see it as soon as possible. – Christopher French (Ashleys fästman)

Vad tycker andra vänner, bekanta och kollegor tycker om filmen?

My friends made a movie!! Go see #Neighbors this weekend! It’s awesome. (And if you look close, you might see a certain someone make the smallest cameo of all time) – Chris Reinacher

@ZacEfron saw Neighbors last night, you totally crushed it xoxo – Rebel Wilson
@RebelWilson You’re the sweetest. I can’t wait to see #PitchPerfect2. Love 🙂  – Zac Efron

@hitRECordJoe Just finished @donjon- it’s a fantastic film. Congrats Joseph. – ZE
.@ZacEfron @DonJon Thanks dude, glad you dug it! You were hilarious in Neighbors, you would make a good scary villain.. – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Congrats @ZacEfron ! You are hilarious in @NeighborsMovie ! – Judd Apatow
@JuddApatow Thanks man- means a lot. – ZE

Congrats to my brother @ZacEfron on #NeighborsMovie . – Kevin Zegers

Just saw “neighbors” … Was not disappointed. #sundayfunday – Ashley Greene

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